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Imagine having a digital identity that is as trustworthy and instantly recognizable as uniquely yours as the sound of your voice is to your closest family. Today, digital identities can be both convenient, private and protected – thanks to biometrics.

An introduction to biometrics

Advanced technology built on long history

We’ve always relied of physical characteristics to recognize and identify each other. It’s familiar and easy – biometrics uses advanced technology to turn that familiar behavior into the most convenient user experience. No need to worry about ever losing or forgetting your credentials. Biometrics are much harder to break, making large scale ID theft and fraud near impossible and much less profitable.

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Digitizing unique identifiers

Biometric identification is based on the principle that each individual has a set of unique distinguishing features that are possible to recognize and verify. Physiological biometric data includes fingerprints, iris characteristics and the facial shape. Behavioral biometrics can include keystroke dynamics, gait or the way you write your? signature. Once captured and digitalized, biometric features can be used to identify an unknown individual by matching against a large database or to authenticate a known individual against a single record.

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Biometrics are gaining global momentum
Source: Acuity Market Intelligence 2017

??Unleash the potential of trusted biometrics

Boost seamless adoption of more digital services. Make user experience intuitive in both every day and high security contexts. Ensure the strongest protection of ID credentials. Biometrics offers the ultimate combination of security and simplicity.

Biometrics used at an airport counter  

Airport passenger Journey

A swift and secure biometric pathway through the airport improves the traveler experience as well as airport operations. Fly to Gate is an end-to-end self-service experience for travelers, developed by Gemalto. Using multimodal biometrics and robust document verification, processing times can be reduced by as much as 80%. Key features of the solution include self-service check-in and bag drop, automated access to security check points, fast e-gates for automated border control, and self-boarding electronic gates.

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ID verification using facial recognition and fingerprint  

Smooth and secure ID verification

For any digital service that customers access on their mobile phones, be it their data subscription, digital banking or streaming music services, customers want to be able to sign up as quickly and easily as possible. Meanwhile, operators, banks and service providers need to minimize the risk of fraud and live up to demanding Know Your Customer regulations. Effective ID verification using biometrics is the solution that delivers secure customer enrollment combined with a seamless onboarding experience.

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Using fingerpring biometrics at a banking machine  

Biometric banking

Today’s banking customers want a personalized, secure and convenient experience. More and more financial institutions are moving away from PIN and password solutions that are experienced as clunky and not secure enough. Behavioral biometrics combined with smart risk assessment rules ensure that the right level of security is always in place – and convenience is a top priority. And with biometric payment cards, everyday payments can also get the increased security and convenience of biometrics.

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Using behavioral biometrics for silent authentication  

Silent authentication with behavioral biometrics

Imagine ordering, paying and having a package from your favorite eCommerce site delivered when and how you’d like, with no identification hassle and total security. Silent authentication makes it possible, using continuous passive behavioral biometrics. Combined with powerful machine learning systems, user behavior analytics range from geo-location tools to the way users walk or hold and swipe their device. It all comes together to form a fluid, secure and personalized customer experience.

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Using behavioral biometrics for silent authentication  

Access Management

Biometrics is a key tool to get the ultimate combination of security and convenience for high security environments. Access control readers rely on multi-factor authentication including biometrics such as fingerprints as well as smart cards and PIN. For indoor or outdoor use, our access control readers have a wide range of customizable tools such as time and attendance tracking.

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Facial recognition in a crowded outdoor space  

Public safety

Facial recognition solutions have become increasingly secure and reliable over recent years. Today, automated systems can identify individuals in just a few seconds based on their facial features. Even in the middle of a crowd or in dynamic and unstable environments, identification from a distance is possible using security cameras or even drone footage. In Europe, the use of facial recognition for policing is strictly controlled, though many see great potential in the use of facial recognition for improved public safety.

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Enrollment using mobile phone image capture  

Citizen registration

Biometrics makes enrollment in government schemes fast, secure and convenient for both citizens and government administration. For the creation of official documents such as ID cards or passports, a face-to-face live enrollment process is essential – with high quality data capture, combined with secure and easy-to-use software. It comes together to become a field proven, robust and flexible enrollment solution for large scale government initiatives such as population or voter registration requires.

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Our mission


We capture and securely store our biometric reference data to create your personal digital identity.


We accurately compare reference data to verify your identity and grant (or deny) physical and digital access.


We protect your digital identities whatever the application (private or public), whatever the device.

Getting biometrics right, secure and easy

With the right source, the right formula and the right roll out, a multi-channel authentication and identification solution tailored to your needs can deliver on the full promise of biometrics.

Over 200 deployments of biometrics in 80 countries

With expertise in governmental biometrics and extensive experience of large-scale deployments, Gemalto is uniquely positioned. We leverage our unique governmental expertise to design the most secure biometric experience for both public and private environments.

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