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Gemalto finalizes the acquisition of 3M's Identity Management business

This acquisition includes 3M Cogent , 3M Document Readers , and the 3M Secure M?aterials businesses . 

These businesses are incorporated into Gemalto as part of the Government Programs organization. 

Through this acquisition, our clients will benefit from a larger, dedicated R&D team resulting in more innovations for a wider portfolio of end-to-end solutions. 

Trusted identities

In the Civil Identity domain, Gemalto provides secure documents, robust identity solutions and services addressing Governments' ID management, eGovernment/mGovernment infrastructures for trusted eServices, Road Safety, and Border and Visa management requirements.

Gemalto also addresses Public Security and Law Enforcement challenges, offering best in class criminal forensic solutions.

Its products and solutions are deployed in more than 200 active programs worldwide with specific expertise in secure document issuance, biometrics, document readers, authentication, ID management and data protection.

The success of YOUR project

 Gemalto's experience, solutions and resource are key assets for the success of your project: 

  • Leverage best practices with Gemalto, drawing on our involvement in over 200 civil identity programs, law enforcement and public security initiatives
  • Mobilize our experienced service teams and established network of partners to support your program

And every step of the way, Gemalto will do more than simply listen and make sure that the solution is shaped precisely to your unique requirements.

Why not base your program on tactics that are already proven to work? Learn more from our best case studies below.



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  • Posted on Sep 16, 2019

    Why International Identity Day is so important for us to support and celebrate

    This September the 16th we are proud to support international ID day, which celebrates the challenges many people still face when accessing a trusted and secure legal identity.

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